About the tiraje brick factories

Tiraje Brick factories started in Isfahan Province in 1989, called "Khodadadi Brick". Since the beginning of the factory, the quality and quantity development plan has always been considered and it is on the agenda of this group. In this regard, in 1995, the Sahand Tabriz brick factory with a history of production from 1355 was purchased and added to the factory and in 2014 the factory The bricks of Khodadadi's facade and the Sahand Tabriz brick factory are integrated into each other and are under the title of "Tiraje Brick Factory Group".
At present, the tiraje factories group is based on the national standards of Iran (isiri007) and other international standards such as:
Iso2008: 9001 / iso 2004: 14001 / ohsas 2007: 18001 and equipped with a quality control laboratory, it is able to produce a variety of brick products including: Refractory brick, Rostok, Kazakh (Adhesives, handmade) as well as other clay products such as pottery 10 And 15th and leftoon.

Participation in large projects of private and public organizations, mass-builders and active participation in foreign domestic markets is indicative of the high-quality products of this group.
The Tiraje Brick factories have expert, experienced and knowledgeable personnel who, with the help of Hamad, are committed to fulfilling their high goals such as customer satisfaction, maintaining product quality and offering new products.
The successful passport of the group is "Compliance Power in Respect of Customer Needs, National and International Standards." In this group, customers are high value and have a full range of services including quality products, creative research, development, national and international experience and delivery. Reliable goods. This is supported through a service-based approach that works across all internal and external processes of the company..
The Tiraje Brick factories work hard to make the quality of Persian and Islamic architecture.

Tiraje Organization Chart

Chairman of the Board

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Managing Director

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production manager

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Sales Manager

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The international group of Tiraje Brick factories (Khadadadi) with about half a century of experience in the production of various types of refractory bricks, facades, pottery, floor and ... It is proud that with the acquisition of four patents in the bricks industry and obtaining standards and certifications Valid and produces the highest quality bricks and long history of exports to most countries in the region and Central Asia, with a very technical and expert body and highly advanced machines to serve the dear, dear and accurate people of our beloved country. The International Tirajeh Brick Factory (Khodadadi), with its presence in most building exhibitions and with a very strong resume in large and small building complexes, and national and regional projects, the real touch and the true attitude of unique bricks and unique beauty products He has made himself visible to everyone.